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Build a safer home for you and your family

It’s important to remember that water damage isn’t the only issue a water leak can cause. The more water exposure to natural materials – like wood and fibers – have, the higher your risk of mold formation.

A poorly sealed foundation can cause an overgrowth of mold and mildew in the foundational walls and floors, along with attracting wood-boring insects like termites, cockroaches, and beetles. This compromises the air quality indoors, and may lead to health issues.

Did you know that the water seeping through your wet foundation walls can actually end up causing major structural damage? Foundational walls that have not been properly waterproofed will eventually give in to hydrostatic pressure, resulting in cracks as well as leaks. We offer a variety of  barrier waterproofing and concrete sealing solutions to help protect your home.

Our methods help ensure the safety and integrity of your foundation

One of the methods of fixing a cracked foundation is to inject the openings with epoxies or urethane’s.

Working on the exterior of your home, we can install a downspout extension. This will divert water away from your foundation and can be hidden very easily.

For a number of our services, such as dewatering, Zoeller Sump Pumps is a imperative tool.

How does water get into a basement even without obvious signs of cracks or holes?

Water often seeps in through the joints between the walls and the flooring – the area where water pressure is often the greatest on the foundation. If enough water seeps into your foundation over a long period of time, the walls in your basement could collapse. The first signs that this might happen will often be doors or windows not closing, cracks and a slight bulge in your wall. If it collapses, it could cost thousands of dollars to repair. Instead of letting that happen, let us waterproof your walls so they stay intact.

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