Are you concerned that a leaky basement could ultimately damage your belongings inside your home?

Let Forever Dry Waterproofing show you how quick and affordable it can be to seal the problem – inside and out.

After 27 years of servicing Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties, our company aims for quality above all things. Patching up a leak will keep your belongings dry… for now. But will that keep you from calling another waterproofing service the next time it storms?

Forever Dry is recognized for its consistency in solving leakage problems from the source.  This is why all of our services are guaranteed efficiency for a lifetime. Any subsequent issues due to faulty treatment we will fix–FREE of charge. We take quality so seriously that if we don’t hear back from you after servicing your basement, we’ll be sure to give you a call, just to check in.


In addition to our proficiency in water proofing and basement flooding prevention, we also offer egress window installation and foundation repair services.

Basement Leaks can be costly!

Basement Leaks can be costly!

Contact Forever Dry today for a FREE Estimate before it’s too late! Don’t let a minor problem become a major issue! Catching small leaks early can save you money in repair costs down the line.  Don’t wait!  Call (610) 304-1342 now!